First time ever in Slovakia!

Five well-known polyglots will come to Bratislava to talk about their most effective language learning methods. No theory, just practical advice proven by experience.

You will learn the methods of people who speak 11 or even 30 languages.

Seen by millions both on Youtube and live, now they will come to share their know-how with us. Come and get inspired in your own language learning by true language masters.


Saturday, June 3
 2:00 - 6:00 pm


Auditorium of the University of Economics in Bratislava


14,90 EUR 
students 9,90 EUR


Steve Kaufmann

The magic circle of language learning

Your success depends on your attitude and how much time you spend with the language. The learning process is simple and consists of three mutually reinforcing circular activities, the magic circle of language learning.

1) Learn the meaning of new  words and phrases.

2) Let your brain get used to new language patterns through lots of meaningful listening and reading.

3) Start talking when you feel like it, and trust yourself without worrying about how you sound.

Just keep going round and round. That is all there is. Keep doing it. Modern technology makes this circle more powerful than ever. It is all up to you.

Steve Kaufmann is a graduate of L’Institut d’Etudes Politiques in Paris, France (1966) , and a former Canadian Diplomat and forest industry executive. He is co-founder (with his son Mark), of, an online language learning system and community. Steve speaks 15 languages, has written a book called The Way of the Linguist, A Language Learning Odyssey, has a blog called The Linguist on Language, and a youtube channel under the name of lingosteve.

Judith Meyer lives at the intersection of languages, teaching and technology. She has developed language courses for GermanPod101, GreekPod101, ArabicPod101 and a variety of other sites, authored several books on language-learning, coded a machine translation system and most recently developed, an online Chinese course based on artificial intelligence. She particularly enjoys language challenges, such as learning enough Japanese to understand an anime series in one month, going from knowing zero Indonesian to participating in an oratory contest in 6 weeks, or learning enough Hebrew to have a 15-minute conversation in 90 days.

Judith Meyer

Targeted Learning for Amazing Progress

If you had to give a speech in a foreign language in six weeks, or if you had to travel abroad for business next month, how should you prepare for it? There is nothing wrong with the usual language-learning methods, but sometimes you need something faster. In this talk, I will present the best ways to deal with unexpected challenges that require you to reach a specific language-learning goal in a minimum of time.


Richard Simcott

Setting Realistic Goals Is  The Way to Language Learning Success

This talk will give you hints and tips on how to create goals to succeed and ideas on how to make a language learning plan that will work for you. We will also look at maintaining motivation during the learning process.

Richard Simcott is a Brit living in Skopje, Macedonia. HeI work as Languages Director for The Social Element and he also organises the Polyglot Conference each year. He loves talking in and about lots of lovely languages. He is one of the best known polyglots in the whole polyglot community and has spent time learning at least 35 languages, out of which he speaks many fluently. 

Benny Lewis could only speak English at the age of 21, and has several other challenges that made language learning more difficult for him than it can be for most people. He has overcome these challenges though, to become a National Geographic Traveller of the Year, Irish Language Ambassador for the EU, author of the international best-selling book "Fluent in 3 Months" as well as Teach Yourself published "Language Hacking" courses, and speaker of 11 languages at A2 through C2 levels.

Also known as The Irish Polyglot, he has made it his mission to inspire as many adults as possible to get into language learning, regardless of their age, wealth, ability to travel, aptitude or other personal challenges. His blog is read by a million people a month, with over 300,000 following his weekly emails, and over 7.5 million views on his YouTube channel.

Benny Lewis

How Anyone at Any Age Can Learn to Speak Any Language from Anywhere in the World

Maybe you feel like you are too old to learn a second language, or you think it's only possible if you are rich and can travel easily? Or maybe you tried hard, but didn't do well in school? Lewis argues that you don't need a great memory or "the language gene" to learn a language quickly, and debunks a number of long-held beliefs, such as adults not being as good of language learners as children. In this talk he will share this and other encouragement.

Luca Lampariello

Bilingual Translation: How to Use Translation to Learn Any Language

In this presentation, Luca Lampariello will talk about how to use translation to learn languages. He will unfold his method in a few, practical tips on how to put translation in practice. The audience will learn why, how, what and when to translate from your mother tongue into your target language to get a solid foundation in any language.

Luca Lampariello is from Rome, Italy. He holds a degree in Electronic Engineering and studied Interpretation  in Paris. His true passion is languages: he is currently fluent in 10 and speaks 13. He has been working as a language coach for the last 5 years and has been coaching hundreds of students from a wide range of countries. Since 2008, his videos on YouTube and blog, The Polyglot Dream, have attracted thousands of followers and language learners all around the world.



Steve Kaufmann

Steve is a well-known Canadian polyglot who loves learning languages and is a great proof that you can learn new languages at any age. In this video, he describes his methods of learning languages which are mostly based on intensive input (reading and listening). Come to his talk to learn more about how to do this in practice to make sure it's effective. 

Judith Meyer

This is a talk by Judith Meyer at an earlier Polyglot Gathering in Berlin. She explains how you can achieve a fluent level in Chinese without ever living there. Judith is very good at exotic languages and at achieving great results in her speaking skills after a short time. That's what she'll tell us about in her talk.

Richard Simcott

This is one of the oldest hyperpolyglot videos on Youtube that appeared back in 2008. Richard freely switches into 16 languages and amazes everyone with his excellent accent and an impressive knowledge of grammar and vocab in all the languages. He's currently learning some Slovak :) 

Benny Lewis

Benny's famous TEDx talk persuades anyone that language talent is not as important as you'd think. Benny will tell us a bit more about this in Bratislava and we bet anyone who listens to him will not blame their language learning failures on a missing talent any more! 

Luca Lampariello

In this video, Luca shares some of his language learning advice in 6 languages. Many native speakers of these languages claim that they couldn't tell if he's a native speaker or not... Luca has a special method for learning languages from scratch, and he'll tell you all about it in his talk. 


All the speakers will stay in Bratislava for 5 days to attend the Polyglot Gathering from May 31 to June 4. It is expected that over 400 language enthusiasts will attend, as it is one of the biggest events for polyglots (people who speak several languages) in the world. This year, after the previous three editions held in Berlin, the Polyglot Gathering will take place in Bratislava. All those who love languages are welcome to register and join us. You don’t have to speak more languages, being passionate about them is what matters! :)