I see an improvement in every single area which I wanted to improve. The greatest thing about the language mentoring is that I created a system which I really needed and without which my learning would never be as effective and meaningful. The language got “under my skin”.

Sandra Banková

Do you need help?

Lýdia Machová


+421 950 590 064


Yes, I want to take part in the summer online program called In The Same Boat in which I will:

  • have access to videos on methods how to learn languages on an intermediate+ level (in English)
  • create my own learning plan based on SMART goals which I will be following by autonomous learning throughout the summer 
  • have access to an online community of English teachers  taking part in the program (on Facebook)
  • have access to an online accountability sheet where I will mark my learning progress
  • have access to webinars with Lýdia in which I can ask anything about the methods or my learning program

I understand that if I find out that the program does not suit me for whatever reason, I will just need to write an email to lydia@languagementoring.com and I will get a full refund without further questions.  

I am, therefore, signing up for

"In The Same Boat",

an online course for English teachers from Slovakia

which will start on July 1st, 2016 and end on August 31, 2016.


Please choose the price that applies to you. There is a discounted price for members of the Slovak Association of English Teachers (SKA), The Association of Language Schools of the Slovak Republic (AJŠ SR) and participants of the ELT Forum 2016 conference in Bratislava. 


  • If you are working for one of the following language schools:  The Bridge, Harmony, Empire, Plus Academy, Speak, Your Choice, E-KU, please write the name of the school.
  • If you attended ELT Forum 2016 in Bratislava, please write: "ELT FORUM"
  • If you are member of the Slovak Chamber of English Teachers, please write: "SKA"
  • If you are a student, please write which university you are studying your Masters degree at or which university you have completed your Masters degree at this year.


I feel a strong improvement in my speaking and comprehension. I am not afraid to communicate with native speakers and I don’t use filler words. I can express myself more eloquently, quickly, and using the new vocabulary which I learnt from watching series and reading articles. The Anki app is my new best friend for life :)

Natália Šebestová

Your approach is truly unique, Lydia. You helped us with everything that we needed, you suggested your ways of overcoming language learning problems and you enriched us with your tips and advice which are really priceless!

Lucia Nguyenová

What I am happiest about is that the mentoring program awaked my long.lost passion for German and helped me renew my regular contact with the language. I am really greateful to you for that :) I have also overcome my fear of speaking. I was afraid to speak in German before but now I speak all the time and I can express whatever I want to. And that is an improvement which I would have never achieved without your language mentoring.

Lucia Piterková

Dear English teachers, 

I will gladly show you how I've been learning a new language more or less every two years and how I keep them on an advanced level without living abroad. I'll help you find the right methods for your own improvement in English so that you feel more competent as a teacher and more sure of your English level. I will help you find the love for English that you may have lost in the recent years of teaching students on a lower language level. Let's join for an active summer and let's get our English skills on a new level so that we grow both as teachers and as people. 

Lýdia Machová