Would you like to attend a free webinar with Lýdia Machová on her further projects of language mentoring?  

In this webinar, Lýdia will tell you:

  • about her second experiment with another 100 students at Comenius University which caused a whole revolution of language learning at the university
  •  how she made some of her students spend more than 12 hours a week with English (and other languages) for a period of two months
  • what an incredible improvement some of the students have achieved by learning by themslves (even teachers in other language departments noticed the difference!)
  •  how language mentoring differs from classical teaching


This time, we will also have a special guest, Andrea Chrabrečková from the Jazyčnice language school in Malacky who attended Lýdia's first webinar on language mentoring in January 2016 and tested her methods in practice with her 9-year old students. She will tell us how that worked and what results have been achieved.